Legal Online Sportsbooks

A great way for anyone to have fun winning money is to try their luck at legal sports betting sites. Online sportsbooks pay out millions of dollars to lucky players every week. You won’t find a sports betting community this large at a casino in Vegas and that means more action to go around. Thousands of tickets are recorded every day and the rake is going to be lower for these sites because of the volume of action. Websites can offer the lower vig because their overhead is lower. The best online books don’t need to hire security guards to monitor their floor and provide high rise hotels. They’re built on the premise of saving their members the trouble and costs of traveling to Vegas. Why buy a plane ticket when you can make a fortune off that money by betting it online.

These sites are going to have online betting options that are legal and offer the best deals to all their members. It’s legal for these websites to offer sports betting to the United States because they are hosted from other countries. The home countries of these websites don’t restrict sports betting or other forms of online gaming like the United States and they are allowed to accept players from all over the globe.

Can I Bet On Sports Legally In The US?

Players can take advantage of a unique opportunity for legal sports betting sites in the US. Online sportsbooks operate outside of the jurisdiction of the US and they have authorization to accept bets from US players. This guide to sports betting will show you there are certain laws that sports betting sites can work around to allow players in the US to take advantage of a good alternative to traveling across the country.

The Wire Act is a statute passed in 1961 and it bars the transmission of info about wagers over the wire. Years after the act passed, it was interpreted to include internet communications. In the previous era, fantastic online sportsbooks didn’t exist and players couldn’t just log onto the internet to place bets. That bygone generation picked up the phone and called their local mafia bookie to place a bet and government officials hoped to end this racket. This law made it unlawful to send a bet over the wire in an attempt to curb the syndicate’s cash flow from illicit betting. It’s a stretch to compare this old time crime with modern internet gaming, but somehow congressional leaders have convinced the public of this in order to deter them from using an online service for sportsbooks in the US. Congressional are wrong, sports bettors are protected by the Wire Act and it is legal for sports betting online.

What Laws Effect Sports Betting In The US

The sports betting laws in the US have a large impact on the availability of legal sports betting in the US. The PASPA is a law that has authorized only a couple states, Nevada and Delaware, to have some form of legal sports betting. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act does not stop a player from placing a bet, it only prohibits any organization from accepting a wager on athletic competitions. The Feds’ original intent was to stop unauthorized sports betting because they felt that it had a negative impact on the economy, but this law just forced some of the companies in the US to shut down.

Strangely, this same government allows a few states around the country to operate sportsbook. Players can travel around the country, but they don’t have to since there are no provisions in this law that prohibit any bettor from using any international sports betting websites. Players don’t need to worry about any of the federal anti-sports betting laws, like PASPA or the Wire Act, when gaming with companies based out of the US. Any member can use the online services to make a bet on the sportsbook at any time without getting arrested.

What Are The Best Legal Sportsbooks In The US?

The best legal sports books have their members laughing all the way to the bank. There’s a definite advantage to going on the internet for sports betting in the US because online books can deliver that little something extra, the comfort of your home. You don’t need to leave the house for a fantastic evening of sports betting and live in-game wagering.

In a couple minutes, you and your friends can be making a bet on the NFL and some sites will give out a special promotion for referring your pals. Grab a few steaks from the grocery store, order some wings, and have your friends over for a fun night of betting at US sportsbooks.

The best sportsbooks are legal because they operate outside of the US. This is a clear benefit when it comes to how the US treats their organizations that would facilitate a wager. These sites can offer legal books and all players in the US can place a bet. Signing up is free and we’ve brought a couple reviews on the best online sportsbooks.

  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50% Cash Bonus for New Players!

Bovada SportsbookMany great things come from Canada, like maple syrup and Wayne Gretzky, but did you know that Bovada is also from Quebec? Bovada is an international super site and they have a fantastic online sportsbook with tons of special offers. They have been accepting bets from players in the US for twenty years and no one has gotten in any legal trouble from using their fine service. Bovada’s book has everything you would expect to find in Vegas. Their book includes multiple wager types, full scoreboards and scheduling, and in-game live betting. This encompassing site doesn’t leave any part of Vegas out. You can use Bovada to play a round of cards in their interactive poker lobby or try a toss of the dice on their virtual craps table.

Bovada’s reputation is outstanding. They’ve been a recognized leader among online sportsbooks for being a millionaire maker. Any website that pays their players a million bucks is definitely worth a try. Winning money from Bovada is just as legal as playing the lottery and you won’t find bubbling in a ticket nearly as much fun. They have hundreds of different competitions to bet on every week and Bovada’s ticket is going to pay the bills because their odds are amazing. We’re still wondering how they make their money with all the freebies that they dish out.

  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • 50% Free Play! - Best Bonuses for New Players

SportsBetting is going to be one of the best legal sports betting sites you can ever use. This site is a full featured online casino and touts a large variety of virtual table games, virtual card rooms with live dealers, and a legal online sportsbook. After you place your bets, take a chance on black with virtual roulette while waiting. This site gives players a chance to win big pots with a large community of players from all around the world. SportsBetting has been hosting a fantastic online service since 1991 from beautiful Panama City, Panama and they have the most action online.

Getting bonuses for playing and betting online is easy. Simply sign up today and you can earn hundreds of promotional dollars. The way these bonuses work is spend up to a multiple of your deposit, called a roll over rate, and the funds will automatically be loaded. You can receive up to 50% in welcome bonuses just for signing up. When you reload your accounts, SportsBetting gives you special offers like 25% deposit bonuses with low roll over. Get free money just for using this great site for a great value in sports betting.

  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50% Cash Bonus for New Players!
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • 50% Free Play! - Best Bonuses for New Players
  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 25% Free Play Bonus! - Available In All 50 States!
  • BetDSI Sportsbook
  • 100% Free Play Bonus! - Available In All 50 States!
  • 5Dimes Sportsbook
  • 50% Free Play! - Speedy Payouts - Mobile-Friendly!
Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Sports Betting Sites
How Do I Get Signed Up And Funded For Legal Sports Betting?

Players are going to be rolling in the dough when they get started with any of the fine online sportsbooks. Getting signed up to any of these services doesn’t cost a dime to anyone. Visit any of the great sites and click the join now button. All the information they’re going to need is a name, an email address, and a street address. When someone signs up for any US sports betting site it’s important that they provide the correct address. All the sites are going to require a verification before payout and it will expedite the process to have the correct information.

Funding an account takes just seconds if you use an electronic method like a credit card. All the web-based sportsbooks will accept online deposits and the funds are usually available instantly. Most of the major credit lines are accepted and they have low deposit fees. Also, most online sportsbooks will accept a deposit that’s mailed into them. Any player can fund an online sports book account with money orders and this method has a large maximum deposit amount with no fees. Plus, it’s easy to get a money order, simply drive down to your local grocery store, bank, or western union. Throw it in the mail box and in a few days, your account will be updated as soon as the sum is received.

What Types Of Deposit Bonuses Can I Receive?

When anyone signs up to an online sportsbook they’re going to have an optional bonus. New players receive a welcome bonus from all the best legal sportsbooks in the US. Sportsbooks like to get their players started off with a large bank roll and they’re willing to fatten the bets by adding anywhere between 25% and 50% to the initial deposits. Any player can find a value online that they’ll never be able to get from a Las Vegas high rise casino. That’s not all new players in the US can find, some sportsbooks don’t want their new players to walk away a loser and will honor first lost reimbursement or free plays. A free play offer adds up to a certain amount onto the first bet, that means if you walk away a winner you take the whole pot, even the money that the sportsbook put in.

All of these bonuses are optional and most of the websites have fantastic and diverse bonuses just for trying out the different games. If you’re waiting on a bet to finish up, make a deposit into your account and receive a free play in the casino or a bonus worth a couple hands in the poker room. Vegas casino bosses blow chunks when they read about the grand promotions that their online competitors are giving away.

What Sports Can I Bet On At Legal Online Sportsbooks?

Legal online sportsbooks are going to have all the teams from the major leagues in the US. Fans of the former super bowl champions like the Seahawks, the Patriots, or the Giants can find their teams all on the NFL section of any sportsbook. These sites are great for betting on NFL teams because they have multiple ways to win. Spread bets, money line, or by picking the over/under are a few popular ways to bet on football games. Also, there is a full section for collegiate football teams. They have all the games from Rose Bowl winners like Ohio State, Florida State, and Alabama. The listings are constantly being updated and sports bettors can check back frequently for the updated odds.

Do These Sports Betting Sites Offer Mobile Betting?

The best legal sports betting sites have mobile betting. These services let anyone place a bet using their phone. Users can pick up their smart phones and punch in the address of their favorite sportsbook to the mobile browser. The mobile betting can be your ace up your sleeve when you’re in the office, on the commute, or in the diner.

Has Anyone Ever Been Arrested For Betting On Sports?

The point of any sports betting website in the US is to make their players a dime, not do time. These legal sportsbooks don’t get anyone in trouble because they operate internationally. The laws in the US are frightening enforce. The law is still on the books today and lawyers and prosecutors used this statute to scare people away from online sports books and into the casinos that they can regulate. After the research we’ve done, we believe anyone who cites this law as a deterrent to gambling should be the criminal. This law has a protection built in exclusively for the player, meaning anyone can play a bet online without fear of being indicted by the Federal government.