Legal Sportsbook Payout Options

The best part of winning a huge jackpot is taking it to the bank and sports betting sites are going to have a large selection of withdrawal methods available for their members. Some great online sportsbooks put thousands of dollars back into their members’ pockets every day. These websites aren’t out to scam their users or steal their money. They want their users to have fun with their website and be the newest millionaires, so they can go tell their friends how great the sportsbooks are.

Online sports betting is an enjoyable experience and everyone is going to be a winner at some point. Winners need to collect their prizes and the online betting sites make this easy. On this page, you’re going to find out all about the various methods, and with this information you’ll be able to pick the one that works for you.

Are Sportsbook Payouts Legal?

It’s easy to get your winnings from an online sportsbook and these payouts are completely legal. The federal government of the United States has placed some strict regulations on financial institutions. They wanted to determine with whom the banks can do business with. The US’ congressional leaders proposed a solution and they passed a law back in 2006, called the UIGEA. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a financial reform bill that disallows any banking organization within the US to knowingly do business with any unauthorized gaming website. They have limited the types of electronic transactions that businesses can receive, but laws like this don’t target the individual gambler. This is a law to manage finances, not put people in jail. This law may require that the sportsbook account holder use a different method besides using their debit or credit card for payouts.

Safe Legal Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods

Online sportsbooks have a lot of withdrawal methods that are safe for US citizens. These legal sports betting sites make all their electronic transactions over secure networks and these companies use advanced encryption techniques. The sports betting sites allow their users to make multiple payout requests each week and the delivery time on the withdrawals varies. Also, each method will have its own specific details that outline the fees, the speeds, and the convenience factor, so read on for more information.

Person to Person

A person to person transfer can be processed by many sites 7 days a week. These transactions are made through third party companies like Western Union or MoneyGram. There isn’t a real exchange of currency, only a reference code. Each time a member receives a code they can take the reference number to a reputable dealer and exchange it for real world currency. Many times these withdrawals are processed within 24 to 48 hours and there are multiple delivery options. Players may choose between different normal and express distributions. Contact your online sportsbook over the phone or through their live chat to get your payments processed quickly and easily using person to person.

Mail A Check

The easiest way for a member to get a payout is requesting a withdrawal by check. Express couriers like FedEx deliver these checks and users can pick the speed in which the delivery arrives. Many sites offer options between express couriers or by mail and this will factor into the processing fees of the withdrawal. Players have to wait a bit for the payment to come in, but they can deposit the check right into an ATM.

Bank Wire Transfers

Bank Wire transfers are the best option for big withdrawals. This is a payout option that has huge limits and low fees for processing. The high rollers are going to have to get their people to request payouts directly from the sportsbook. Give the book a call, and the sites will be happy to set up a process that will send the funds directly to the member’s bank account. This method is fast, usually the sportsbooks have this transaction processed and sent within 48 hours of a withdrawal request.


Internet businesses are now dealing in Bitcoins and online sportsbooks are no different. This is the currency of the future and users can get their funds sent to their digital wallets in a matter of minutes after requesting a withdrawal from the sports betting site. Bitcoins are stored on the cloud in a digital wallet or on a computer hard drive and this crypto-currency can be exchanged for real world money. Getting a deposit through the website using Bitcoins is going to be a fast process. Low fees and friendly customer service usually accompany these transactions. Contact the sportsbook to set up a bitcoin transfer.

Gift Cards

Online sportsbooks want to give their users options. They provide their members with alternative methods to the traditional withdrawals listed above. Certain websites will offer their members Walmart or Amazon gift cards as withdrawal options. These are pretty convenient, and allow members to request a payout and go down to their local Walmart to fetch it. Who doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart? Or, if you just want to do a bit of shopping online, getting Amazon gift cards will let you get your payouts and finish your Christmas shopping early. The sites send gift card payouts out in a couple of days from the time of the request.

Legal Sportsbook Payout Fees and Limits

The online sportsbooks give their players a ton of options and it’s up to the member to decide which works best for them. Each method is going to have its own specific fees and limits associated with it. These fees are going to range from a flat rate, to a percentage of the withdrawal amount, to absolutely nothing. Sometimes using an electronic method like Bitcoin, MoneyGram Express, or Gift cards can get the members a payout with no fees. These options send back 100% of the money. Services like mailing money orders or checks just cost the user a low flat rate between $40-$80 depending on the amount being withdrawn. Users should check the websites’ cashier pages for more information and perhaps they’ll be able to find a method that gets their payout sent to them quickly and cheaply.

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