Sportsbook Review

SportsBetting SportsbookThis review of the SportsBetting Sportsbook turned out to be a life changing experience. This legal sportsbook accepts users from all fifty states and if you’re able to play slots at a casino, you’re able to use this sports betting site. SportsBetting has a fantastically simple sportsbook design that makes it easy to see all the lines and check out the different odds. This fine sportsbook has been operating from Panama City, Panama, for over 25 years and they’ve built up a member base of over a million unique accounts. Everyone loves using SportsBetting and oh, by the way, their MLB dime lines are famous.

Our review is all encompassing and you’re able to read about the federal laws to understand why it’s legal for US residents to place bets on sports over the internet. SportsBetting appreciates their customer’s business and treats them like gold. This site uses every advanced security technique available to protect the gold mine of player account information and currency. In addition, Sportsbetting makes the sign up process simple and getting accounts set up has never been quicker. Not only that, they’ll throw in a few extra bones, so gamblers can get to placing bets and winning huge prizes.

Is It Legal To Use The SportsBetting Sportsbook?

Federal laws don’t have any jurisdiction over international sports betting websites, like SportsBetting, and any US resident that wants to use an online sportsbook can place bets online legally. The federal government passed a couple of laws, many years ago, that still regulate the sports betting industry in America. PASPA and the Wire Act were a couple laws intended to stop the collection of bets and the operation of books by organizations and crime syndicates. The federal government can oversee any US based organization, but the website SportsBetting, is based overseas and isn’t subject to the same laws as American based companies, their country has a more lenient stance on bookmaking. This sportsbook is allowed to accept bets from the US because the Republic of Panama does not have any laws that prohibit wagers on sporting events. Their home country allows the sports betting industry to flourish and they can legally accept bets from US players.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the SportsBetting Sportsbook
Is Using An Online Sportsbook Safe?

SportsBetting SportsbookUsing SportsBetting is completely safe for US bettors. This legal sportsbook has modern security features that outshine even the banking websites. Hackers have never been able to get a dime of anyone’s money or any pieces of member information off SportsBetting’s impenetrable servers. Not only is the account information of users safe and protected, but American users are protected by statutes of the federal government and they are allowed to place as many bets as they want without violating the federal law. The aforementioned Wire Act includes a small paragraph that outlines a legal defense for anyone who is placing a wager, they call it the “casual bettor” clause. Every player and his or her money are going to be completely safe when using SportsBetting and we can guarantee that because we have been members for over ten years apiece.

How Do I Make A Deposit At SportsBetting?

Getting your account set up takes only a few minutes and after you join SportsBetting, a simple sportsbook deposit gets you into the action and placing bets on your favorite teams. Check out SportsBetting’s deposit page, because they have multiple options for making a deposit. The easiest way to get your account loaded is using a credit card. SportsBetting is going to make electronic transactions available instantly and there are low fees for using plastic. In addition, this site will accept mailed deposits from their members. It might take a little longer to start playing, but members can get started only for the cost of postage.

What Kind Of Bonuses Are There At SportsBetting?

SportsBetting has value that you won’t find at a Las Vegas cashier, and right now players can get their accounts loaded large with freebies and extras with legal sportsbook bonuses. Welcome bonuses are available for all the new accounts. The bonus is going to add 50% of the initial deposit on an account and players can get their hands on this money quickly. Hockey fans are going to flip out when they join SportsBetting and check out their promotions page. Reduced Juice for NHL betting is going to save smart players big dollars on their Stanley cup wagers. Players can opt in for free-plays when they use live in-game betting or 5dimes’ mobile service.

What Kind Of Bets Are Available At SportsBetting

SportsBetting SportsbookThis inclusive sportsbook is going to offer lines on all the professional leagues in the US. Sports fans are going to have a field day with the variety betting options, and this site is sure to please the pro bettors and the casual ones. An interesting way to place a bet is called a Parlay. This is a type of string bet where a player can make multiple wagers together on a number of games. If all these wagers hit, then that player walks away with much higher winnings than if they were to place each bet individually. You will, of course, also find straight money line bets and spread bets that are easy to understand. Spread bets just measure the amount of points between the teams. If the player’s guess is accurate enough, the bet is won. We’re familiar with this type of bet and its great for playing the underdogs. Money lines, or straight bets, are bets on whether the team flat out wins or loses.

How Do SportsBetting’s Withdrawals WWork?

Each legal sportsbook withdrawal method is going to have its own perks and SportsBetting has more options than most online sportsbooks. They feature a person to person withdrawal option, where the players contact the book and sets up rapid transfers. Some sites may use either MoneyGram or Western Union for rapid transfers. The player who opts in for rapid transfer receives a code from the sports betting website and takes it to a local redemption site. Then when they collect, they can take their winnings to the bank. Most sportsbooks prefer to send out a cashier’s check for member payouts, and SportsBetting is no different, but they give you many alternative options. Selecting a method for delivery will change the length of time that it takes to receive your check after requesting a payout. Opt in for the express delivery by paying a few extra bucks, and that check is going to be in your mailbox within a week.