BetOnline Sportsbook Review

BetOnline SportsbookHere’s a review of BetOnline that you need to read, because after we used this site, we’ve been making thousands of dollars while using their legal sportsbook. BetOnline is a fantastic online sportsbook that accepts users from all over America. You’re going to be impressed with the design of BetOnline’s website and their sportsbook layout includes full schedules for all the teams of the NFL, the MLB, and the NBA. This sports betting website is hosted internationally from Panama City, Panama, and they’ve been building up a reputation among millions of players since 1991.

We looked at every aspect of BetOnline’s website and we were impressed with everything that we found. Not only does this website accept legal bets from US residents, they’ve also made the betting process safe and secure. This site is a repository of individual identities and financial information and BetOnline has made it their top priority to keep this info from falling into the wrong hands. It’s impossible for hackers to break the state-of-the-art encryption that this sports betting site uses on their servers. While talking about state-of-the-art, we have to mention how easy it was to get started, and how this website will accept all forms of electronic payments.

Is It Legal To Place A Bet Online At BetOnline?

It might be confusing for an American citizen to read the laws for sports betting and understand what their rights are, but we’ve done the research for you, and we know that placing bets at an online sportsbook is completely legal. The federal government is more concerned with shutting down proprietors than picking up individual bettors and locking them away. The Wire Act is a law that was passed in 1961, and even though it’s 55 years old, it’s jurisdiction has been interpreted to include the internet communications. Fortunately, for internet users, this law has a provision that protects the casual bettor. That includes anyone from America who accesses an online sportsbook and places a wager. This law was written to shut down unlawful bookmaking in the US by crime syndicates. It was never intended to prosecute the common person.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the BetOnline Sportsbook
Is Using An Online Sportsbook Safe?

BetOnline SportsbookInternet sportsbooks are safe for anyone in the US to use. Making a deposit with BetOnline is safer than using your credit card to order your takeout, because this site uses modern security techniques to protect account information and their members’ identification. This website has never had any security breaches. The federal government outlawed unauthorized sports betting for American governments, with a law called PASPA, but this law doesn’t have any impact on international sports betting websites. BetOnline is located outside the jurisdiction of the US government. They are allowed to accept players from the US for legal betting and using their service has never gotten any Americans in trouble.

How Do Players Deposit Funds Into BetOnline?

It’s easy to get your accounts loaded with real money to place a wagers at sports betting site. Joining BetOnline is totally free and players can get their accounts set up in minutes. BetOnline accepts credit cards from all the major vendors. Players who load their accounts with their Visa, Discover, or MasterCard are going to come across small fees, but the funds will be available to use instantly. Players can also pick up the phone and make sportsbook deposits that are legal by giving the sportsbook a call and setting up a rapid transfer. A rapid transfer has fairly low minimums and fees. Also, the players can make deposits by mailing in money orders or sending checks. This method takes a while because the player must wait on the mail, but it can get an account loaded just for the cost of postage. BetOnline doesn’t charge any fees for processing mailed in deposits like money orders.

Are There Bonuses At BetOnline?

BetOnline is going to show their gratitude to every new player that joins with a large welcome bonus. New members will receive a bonus of 50% of their initial deposit, just for signing up. This legal sportsbook bonus is capped at a maximum of $250. These bonuses are a way to get players started for less and they are great incentives for trying out online sports betting. Also, returning players can get similar bonuses of up to 25% on each and every deposit after the first one. BetOnline calls it their lifetime bonus and their members can take advantage of this offer year round.

Does BetOnline Accept NFL Bets?

BetOnline SportsbookThere isn’t any site that loves football as much as BetOnline and they accept bets on the NFL all throughout the season. They take pride in their lines and the multiple ways to play for all NFL bets. The sportsbook has a bunch of different wager types like straight bets and the popular over/under. Also, BetOnline has a great futures section that lets their members make bets on next year’s super bowl champions. Future bets are fun wagers to make, and if the bet is successful, there’s going to be a big payout. Also, players can string together their bets on the NFL into a parlay or a teaser ticket, and for each win of that string bet, their prize is compounded. That means successful parlays pay huge winnings. Players with real knowledge and use parlays to make millions.

How Do I Withdraw My Money From BetOnline?

It’s up to the player to decide what works best for them, and BetOnline gives each player a ton of options to choose from. BetOnline has all the normal methods of legal US sportsbook payouts like mailing checks and sending MoneyGram’s. Some sites may call the MoneyGram transactions a rapid transfer, but these services all work the same. Give BetOnline a call, and they’ll be happy to provide you a code that is redeemable at a business here in the states. We’ll note that because of the UIGEA, some forms of electronic payments may be rescinded by financial organizations, so it’s best to do your homework and find the right method that works for you and your bank. Read more about this law at our sports betting laws section.