Bonuses at Online Sportsbooks

The main advantage to using an online sportsbook is that the player will get their money’s worth. You won’t find these extra bonuses at a land-based sportsbook either. The best sports betting sites have great bonuses that are available to everyone with an account. The large bonuses keep members returning, and entice new players to sign up. You can see a general synopsis of the types of bonuses you’ll find on this page, but check out the sportsbooks’ promotion pages to see a full listing of their offers. There are tons of different kinds of bonuses and they all work slightly different.

It’s important to note that when a player takes advantage of these great offers, there may be some limitations or requirements. Some bonuses require certain stipulations be met or have a certain amount of betting action after the deposit in order to satisfy a roll over amount. A roll over is an agreement by a player to accept a bonus offer in return for their continued business. The stipulation is satisfied when a player deposits a multiple of the deposited amount. For example, if you take a bonus with a 5x rollover on a deposit of $10, you need to deposit $50 more to satisfy the roll over. Often times, players find sportsbooks with roll over rates between 3x and 6x.

Who Can Get A Bonus From These Legal Online Sportsbooks?

Any member that joins the websites can take advantage of the sportsbook bonuses. The sports betting sites have enough offers to satisfy every one of their members. Online sportsbooks accept members from all fifty states in the US and the only requirement is that their users be legal to gamble in their residence’s jurisdiction. This means that you should look up your state betting age and follow what it is before you sign up. It will usually be between 18 and 21 years old.

Types Of Sportsbook Bonuses

The quality of a legal sportsbook in the US and its bonuses can be the difference between making and losing money, and they vary from book to book. Not every site has exactly the same bonuses as the next and it’s important for the player to decide which bonus is right for them. Sometimes the bonuses are larger, but may take a while to be able to request a payout using the bonus money. Other bonuses have instant effects and can be redeemed as soon as you confirm your account and make a deposit. It’s smart to take advantage of any bonus, because well… they’re free money.

Sportsbook Match Bonuses

A match bonus is a type of bonus where the sportsbook adds funds to your account up to a certain ratio of your deposit. For example, many sportsbooks have welcome bonuses for new members worth 50% of the initial deposit, and up to $250. Sportsbooks want to get more people signed up and get them started with fat bankrolls. When a new player joins a sports betting website they can make their initial deposits and opt in for a welcome bonus. If that player deposits $100 bucks and satisfies a small roll over amount, they will get an additional $50 bucks in their account just as appreciation for joining up.

Reload Bonuses / VIP

Returning players are going to have the chance to get more freebies on their deposits. The reload bonuses at online books are fantastic. The sports betting websites want their players to know how much they are appreciated and most of them have a bonus for returning players. When an account is emptied and its player refills it, that member can opt in for a match bonus. Many sites will give their returning players up to 25% additional funds on each and every deposit. Where can you find a deal like that in Vegas? Answer is, you can’t.

Reduced Juice Bonuses

Reduced juice bonuses are some of the easiest to understand. Juice is the cut that the house takes from each bet placed. When a player makes a bet on the Jaguars for $100, the sportsbook may take 5% as their vig. The vig is slang for the house’s cut of the action. Players end up taking away their 90% if they win because the house is going to take 10% normally. After players opt in for reduced juice bonuses, they will keep more of their winnings. The sports betting site will take a smaller cut on successful bets and the player will walk away with 5% more money.

Free Bet Bonuses

Online sportsbooks love giving away the promotions and they love to have winners. With a free bet, players can get seeded without making a deposit to start placing bets at the sportsbook. Some sportsbooks call them no deposit bonuses. A free bet is where the sportsbook gives their new members a few bucks to place a bet with. This is no-strings-attached way to get started placing bets on the best teams from across the nation for absolutely no risk.

Match Bets Bonuses

Sometimes the match bets are called free plays and these are a great way to double your bet. When players opt in for a match bet, and they make a valid bet on the sportsbook, the website will match their bet up to a certain amount. This is valuable for the economic bettor who wants to get more for their money.

Seasonal Bonuses

It depends and varies on the sportsbook, but players can find an offer depending on the time of year and the sports that are playing. Players can get extra funds in their account to place more bets on their favorite teams. Sports betting websites may increase their welcome bonuses during football season for user accounts.

Benefits of Sportsbook Bonuses

Smart players should take advantage of a good deal when they find one. When new players sign up, they’ll have the best options of bonuses that they won’t be able to get from Las Vegas cashiers. These great bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg and players can take advantage of mobile betting offers and other live in-game betting offers. Also, members are going to be able to find a large number of promotions for the other services at the sportsbooks, like bonuses for casino games and the poker room. There is really no reason not to at least try one of these legal sportsbooks for US players.

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