5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes SportsbookWe’ve created a website to show off all the top online sportsbooks and our 5Dimes review will make you rush over there and join up right away. 5Dimes is dedicated to providing the best alternatives to Vegas sports betting for US players, with their fully legal sportsbook. 5Dimes isn’t some terrible scam website that wants to suck your wallet dry, they have a huge international following with millions of members, and they love giving back to their community. The best part about 5Dimes is, this site accepts players from all over the US. No matter which state you live in, 5Dimes will let you join and accept your bets. Check out 5Dimes for a book that includes a full schedule for all the leagues in the US. 5Dimes has been making players rich for twenty years.

5Dimes made a commitment to stand apart from the rest of the websites. Their customer service is second to none, and they want to provide a platform that is enjoyable for all their players, regardless of skill level or knowledge. 5Dimes is a legal site for US residents to place wagers over an internet connection, and the network employs state of the art security measures that protect sensitive account and customer information. Hackers know to stay away from 5Dimes servers because of the live monitoring that safeguards their funds like Fort Knox. Players feel safe when making deposits with this site. Get your dreams made true with winning bets at 5Dimes.

Is It Legal To Make A Wager At 5Dimes?

The federal government has taken the stance to be strict on anyone accepting a bet, but they allow any US resident to make a legal wager at online sportsbooks. The United States congressional leaders passed a couple pieces of legislation in the last century. These laws made it difficult to offer sports betting to Americans, but these bills do not affect sites like 5Dimes. 5Dimes can accept any US bets, anytime. This site is based out of San Jose, Costa Rica, and therefore, outside of the United States federal jurisdiction. Their government regulates their service and allows them to operate legally within their borders. Players don’t need to worry about breaking any laws because, on the federal level, there aren’t any that target the individual player. Check out our sports betting laws page for more information on the American laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the SportsBetting Sportsbook
Is Using 5Dimes Safe?

5Dimes SportsbookAsking if 5Dimes is safe is like asking is the sky is blue. Of course, it is! This legal sports betting site makes sure to provide their players with a secure network for all their financial transactions and 5Dimes offers them more ways to get their financials sent in without an internet connection. Not only that, we’ve scoured the internet for arrests linked to using 5Dimes and guess how many we found? Not a one. This site is outside of US jurisdiction and can’t be shut down by the government, but not only that, the Wire Act of 1961 includes a provision protecting the casual bettor. No one is put in jail for placing a bet, and if you read the language of the law, you’ll see that federal prosecutors are more interested in shutting down the bookmakers, not the bet placers. Check out our legal section for more information on the laws and why it’s safe for anyone to use a legal sportsbook.

How Do Players Make A Deposit At 5Dimes?

5Dimes has more ways for a player to make a legal sportsbook deposit safely than about any other site. 5Dimes uses a system called “Verified by Visa”, in order to curb fraudulent activity and prevent any credit card from unauthorized charges. Members can use any of their Visa cards, and when they make deposits at 5Dimes, they won’t be charged any fees. 5Dimes also takes credit cards from the other major vendors like Discover and Diner’s club. Players get better values from 5Dimes. For more information on getting an account loaded, check out our section dedicated to sportsbook deposits options.

Look, we all have issues that pop up from time to time and 5Dimes customer service is worth mentioning, because they are phenomenal. They have operators standing by on 10 different phone lines to assist customers whenever they need it. These are courteous and professional English speaking representatives that will help any customer make a rapid transfer deposit, set up a bank wire, or just help processing a credit card. Give them a call and see why everyone thinks 5Dimes service department is outstanding.

Are There Bonuses For 5Dimes Members?

5Dimes SportsbookYou’re going to find incredible bonuses from this online sportsbook and their reduced juice can be found only at 5Dimes. While other sites don’t mind taking their players to the cleaners on any big win, 5Dimes is going to have the best online reduced juice options. Reduced juice means that players keep more of the cut, because 5Dimes takes less. The reduced juice offers are available when a player makes a straight wager and they can be viewed on their sportsbook after the daily updates. You’re going to have the choice between reduced juice or taking other deposit bonuses. If a new player opts out of reduced juice, they can sign up for the free play, or match play rewards. Players can receive up to 50% in legal sportsbook bonuses just for joining up.

How Do I Withdraw My Funds From 5Dimes?

5Dimes gives the players all the normal options and lets them decide which is the best for their financial situations. These options are safe and fast for all players. This site has more legal sportsbook payout options than all the rest and members can get paid in a variety of ways. Operators are standing by and they’ll be happy to process your payout over the phone or via the live chat feature on the website. Players can get payouts from the sports betting website directly to their mailboxes. 5Dimes members can request a check, a money order, or through gift cards. Having a withdrawal through gift cards is a convenient method, but players should check the availability with 5Dimes first.