Sportsbook Review

Bovada SportsbookIn a recent Bovada review, we found that this legal sportsbook wildly exceeded our expectations. They’ve got a new design and a fresh look that is appealing and functional, best of all, they are a sports betting website for the residents of the US. Bovada has been doing business with US citizens for nearly 30 years, and they’ve been pioneering the online sportsbook and casino before google was even founded. This site has millions of members from all over the world and they are trusted by each and every one. They’ve got a great reputation and people say that Bovada has the best lines and poker rooms too.

All you need to know is on this page. We’ll explain how sports betting is legal for the United States residents and why Bovada is among the most trusted sports betting sites. This site treats all their customers like high rolling VIPs and Bovada takes every precaution to protect members’ identities and accounts. They’ve got some easy deposit methods and great bonuses that will get your bank rolls fattened up from the get-go. So check these facts and you’ll see Bovada is where you should place your next bets.

Is It Legal To Use An Online Sportsbook?

Using online sportsbooks is legal and currently the federal gambling laws have no jurisdiction over online sports betting websites that are hosted internationally. The laws on the books like PASPA and the Wire Act of 1961 were intended to stop the illicit bookmaking from criminals and other organizations within the United States. Our federal government has no legal right to pursue a company in another country for breaking its laws, and so Canadian-owned Bovada is free to operate despite America’s stance on sportsbooks.

A sports betting website, like Bovada, is allowed to offer legal services to the residents of the United States because they’re country allows the acceptance of bets on competitions, unlike the US. This company is allowed to accept bets from the users within the United States because there aren’t currently any laws that indict an individual when they place use a legitimate overseas book. The Wire Act actually protects the casual bettor from legal consequences with a provision, and PASPA doesn’t even target the bettor, it only targets the operators. You don’t need to worry about making a bet online because it is totally legal.

  • 50% Cash Bonus for New Players!
Frequently Asked Questions About the Bovada Sportsbook
Is This Sportsbook Trusted?

Bovada SportsbookYes it is, and you can tell by the overwhelming amount of praise they receive. Bovada is a huge network and they’ve got millions of unique player accounts. Scam websites don’t have this many players because no one trusts that their money is safe, but Bovada is one of the good guys. Not only that, this site is regulated and audited by Canadian gaming commissions regularly. Anyone can tell they aren’t some scam website because this website is operated professionally and has its Kahnawake gaming license. Bovada is based out of Quebec, Canada, and they are subject to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The commission takes their regulations seriously and they have routine inspections of Bovada for fairness and legality. Bovada isn’t some third world website, they’ve brought their services into the modern era and that’s why we trust them.

How Do I Deposit Funds At Bovada?

Bovada is a website that takes all modern forms of legal sportsbook deposits. We recommend loading your account with your credit card, because Bovada has low fees on credit transactions and the funds are available instantly. You won’t miss out on the action waiting on your check to arrive at the sportsbook, but if mailing a check is your thing, they take them. They process the checks as soon as they are received and there aren’t any fees, just the cost of postage. Bovada accepts alternative forms of currency, like bitcoins, and their secured networks keep all the hackers from accessing your information while a deposit is processed.

Does Bovada Have Bonuses?

Bovada has the best legal sportsbook bonuses and when a new player joins, they’re going to get their accounts fattened instantly. With the welcome bonuses, new members are going to get value for joining an online sportsbook. They won’t be able to get a 50% bonus of their deposits from a cashier in Vegas, but they can definitely get that from Bovada, and with a low rollover. Playing with your friends makes everything more fun and if you refer your friends to Bovada, you can take away 200% of your friends’ first deposit. That’s big money for free. Get your friends to join and everyone can get together for a fun Sunday afternoon of barbeque and legal sports betting.

What Can I Bet On At Bovada?

Bovada SportsbookBovada has a great selection of events and competitions for bettors of all tastes. Players can pick from all 32 teams across the NFL and place a bet on any team in the major leagues. The sportsbook at Bovada can accept legal bets from US players and they’ve got odds that will leave you wondering how they stand to make any money. Also, if you’re in to it, this sportsbook has international leagues for soccer and rugby. There are tons of choices on the books and for each game there will be multiple wager types. Choose from placing a straight bet, a spread bet, or a parlay. Parlays are a fantastic kind of string bet that allows multiple wagers to be tied together for compounded winnings. Check out Bovada’s books today for the latest schedules and odds.

How Do Online Sportsbooks Payouts Work?

Online legal US sportsbooks have to follow certain regulations when transmitting funds back to their users. It’s important for users to understand the laws because the sports betting sites can only send back certain forms of currency due to the UIGEA. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made it unlawful for banks and financial institutions to knowingly accept funds via electronic methods from betting websites or other outlawed forms of internet gaming. This made legal sportsbook payouts difficult but the sportsbooks offer a vast array of options to get the players their winnings. Bovada is willing to mail a check and set up a rapid transfer. Contact Bovada at 888-264-0000 to set up a withdrawal.