Legal Sports Betting Site Deposits

The online sportsbooks allows players to use real money, place bets on sports, and make fortunes with their services. When a new player joins a sports betting website, they’ll be asked to deposit funds for making bets. These sites make the process easy and they want their customers to know that they have a company watching out for their safety. There are plenty of options for depositing funds into an account that are completely legal. Players can get started making their bets in minutes using sophisticated electronic methods.

Can I Deposit Funds Safely At An Online Sportsbook?

Players are able to use a variety of methods to deposit their funds safely at any online sportsbook. Players can be assured that when they use a betting website, shoddy network management is not compromising their identities. The best sportsbooks are going to use enhanced networks that keep your information secure. Hackers know to stay away from sportsbook servers, because the encryption techniques are state of the art. The best cyber criminals would go after easier targets like the American stores or other online services. These websites would lose their credibility and their player base, if they lost their members’ money, but the best online sportsbooks tout millions of members. The best sports betting websites haven’t lost a dime since they started business over 20 years ago.

Legal Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Read below about all the great methods that a new member can use to get their accounts ready for gaming. These companies offer their customers many different methods to comply with government regulations and give their players options. They understand that people may not feel easy putting their money into the hands of an internet based company, and they do everything they can to make their members feel comfortable. These companies can be trusted, they have years of experience handling customers money and all of the websites are regulated by gaming commissions and financial safeguards to ensure accuracy.

Using A Credit/Debit Card

The most convenient way for anyone to get funds into an online sportsbook is going to be using a credit or debit card. These methods usually have fees around 4-7% and get their users’ playing fast. Using a credit card at an online sportsbook is going to be just as safe as getting your pizza ordered online and all of the major credit vendors like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex are accepted. The best part of credit transactions is that members are able to be back to the action within minutes, these transactions are updated electronically and instantaneously.

Using BitCoin

BitCoin is a new form of electronic currency that is sweeping the globe. People are using bitcoin as a way to pay for their online purchases, and this digital currency can be exchanged for real world money. The value is undeniable and what’s great is this currency has an electronic representation like holding a dollar bill in your hand. Bitcoins are stored on the cloud or a hard drive and the codes can be transferred from one person to another by using opening up a digital wallet. Digital currency is the sign of the future and online sports betting sites are taking deposits of bitcoins from now on.

Mailing A Deposit (Check / Money order / Gift cards)

Old timers love mailing in their deposits, it’s familiar, it’s secure, and no one can hack an envelope. Most of the online sportsbooks will accept mailed forms of payments. If you live in the US, this deposit must travel out of the country and get received from the betting site. However, there are some big perks for mailing a check, a money order, or some gift cards. The advantages to mailing in a deposit are that these methods are going to have much higher maximum amounts and this turns into big savings on deposit fees. Many sites don’t charge a fee to process a money order or a check, and customers can get big savings by just paying for the cost of postage.

Called In Deposits

When all else fails, pick up the phone and give your sportsbook a call. They love to hear from you and they have some methods that work over the phone. They’ll be happy to deal with your issues and they can set up some alternative deposit methods. We call the person to person methods rapid transfer and some sites just call them MoneyGrams, but they’re all the same process. Contact your local Western Union or MoneyGram and make a transaction with them; they’ll give you a validation code that can be redeemed for real currency. Once you have your confirmation code, call your sports betting site and they’ll exchange the code for additional funds in your account.

Using Bank Wire Transfers

In addition, players can call in to talk with a representative about setting up deposits using a bank wire transfers. The bank wires are going to require their customers to contact the sportsbook to set these up and it might be a small inconvenience. But here’s the best part, no maximum, no fees. A high roller knows that he or she has to put the money where their mouth is, and to make those big bets, they need to make a big deposit. It takes a few days to get the bank wires transferred and the bank may charge an international service fee, but the sportsbooks never will charge their clients, never sell their clients information, and keep the banking credentials and account information completely secure.

Can I Get A Bonus On My Deposits at a Legal Sportsbook?

Many legal sportsbooks in the USA are going to have deposits for new and returning members. The new members could receive up to 50% extra on their initial deposits. That means when a player satisfies their rollover amount, they’ll get an additional amount automatically loaded into their accounts. New members can use this money to make another bet or try out some of the other great services that sportsbooks have to offer. Take a peak at our bonus page for more information on the different kinds of bonuses and the rules that apply to them.

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